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Terms and Conditions for translations

The rate per working hour will be agreed depending of the kind of work with a one hour minimum.

All hourly work requires a 50% advance deposit of the estimate and balance, an invoice will be provided and due is required before final project delivery.

If project is ongoing, an invoice will be provided on a monthly basis, issued by the 5th of the month and is payable within 15 days upon receipt.

An additional charge of 25% for rush projects will apply for all services.

Revisions or additions to original work are charged at the applicable rate.

Additional expenses, such as postage, supplies, materials, etc. will generally be billed at cost, unless otherwise specified in the agreement.

In the event that the Client has an outstanding invoice, the charges shall accrue as follows:

30 days past due: 1.5% percent interest fee added to total amount owed.

45 + days past due: ELE-S will cease all services and this agreement will be placed “on hold” until the Client has paid the total amount owed plus all applicable interest fees.





Términos y Condiciones para traducciones

El pago por hora de trabajo se acordará en función del tipo de trabajo con un mínimo de una hora.

Todo el trabajo por hora requiere un depósito por adelantado del 50% de la estimación y el saldo, se proporcionará una factura y el resto se requiere antes de la entrega final del proyecto.

Si el proyecto está en marcha, una factura le será proporcionada sobre una base mensual, emitida por el día 5 del mes y se deberá pagar dentro de los 15 días siguientes al recibo.

Un cargo adicional de 25% se aplicará a los proyectos urgentes para todos los servicios.

Las revisiones o adiciones al trabajo original se cargarán con la tarifa aplicable.

Los gastos adicionales, tales como franqueos, suministros, materiales, etc., generalmente se facturan al costo, a menos que se especifique lo contrario en el acuerdo.

En el caso de que el cliente tiene una factura pendiente, los cargos se acumularán como sigue:

30 de vencimiento: se agregará un cargo del 1.5% de la cantidad total adeudada.

45 días o más de vencimiento: ELE-S suspenderá sus servicios y el contrato se mantendrá “pendiente” hasta que el cliente pague la cantidad total adeudada más todos los intereses aplicables.



NALLEnglish Privacy Statement

NALLEnglish, we are committed to protecting your privacy as a visitor to this Website and as our customer. To our visitors and to our customers, we offer this pledge:

We will not sell, disseminate, disclose, trade, transmit, transfer, share, lease or rent any personally identifiable information to any third party not specifically authorized by you to receive your information except as we have disclosed to you in this Privacy Policy.

 Information Collection

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Changes In Our Privacy Policy

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My name is Ben and I come from Australia. I am 24 years old and I live in a small town near Sydney called Branton.

I don’t have a job now, but normally I clean shop windows. I am not married but I live with my very beautiful girlfriend, Maria, in a nice house in Branton. We don’t have any children…maybe next year.

My girlfriend is an actress, but she isn’t very famous. She acts in a small theatre in our town. At the weekend, we like to go swimming in a big lake near our house.

I normally get up at eight o’clock, but on Thursday I get up at six o’clock because that is the day when I go running in the park.

Exercise: Are these statements true or false. Correct those that are wrong.

1. Ben lives in Sydney, Australia. _______

2. Ben is 26 years old. _______

3. Ben’s normal job is cleaning windows. _______

4. Ben is single. _______

5. Ben doesn’t have any children. _______

6. Ben’s girlfriend works in the local theatre. _______

7. They go swimming in the river at the weekend. _______

8. Ben gets up at eight o’clock usually. _______

9. Ben plays tennis on Thursdays. _______

10. Ben gets up early on Thursdays. _______

Exercise: Answer these questions about the “My Name Is Ben” reading.

1. Where does Ben come from?

2. How old is Ben?

3. Where does Ben live?

4. Is Ben married?

5. What is Ben’s girlfriend called?

6. Do they have any children?

7. Do they live in a house or an apartment?

8. What does his girlfriend do?

9. What do they do at the weekend?

10. When does Ben go running?


Dave Peterson Story

Dave was a farmer in a small town Nelson, British Columbia in Canada. He was very caring with his animals. He was feeding his chickens, cows and goats every morning.  He had a horse called Star; he was a beautiful white horse. Star was a very good horse to ride. He was always bringing Dave everywhere he needed. Dave was an agriculturist too; he had a beautiful planted with different veggies and fruits.

He also had a dog and a cat that were his companions after work. He was very happy living with his animals and plants.

Questions about Dave Peterson Story

Answer the questions:

1.Was Dave a farmer?


2.What is the name of his town?


3. Was he caring with his animals?


4. What is the name of his horse?


5. Who was he feeding?


6. How was Star?


7. What Star was doing for Dave?


8. Was Dave an agriculturist?


9. What was he planting?


10. Who were his companions?


Answers Dave Peterson Story

  1. Was Dave a farmer?

Yes, he was.

  1. What is the name of his town?

It was Nelson.

  1. Was he caring with his animals?

Yes, he was very caring with them.

  1. What is the name of his horse?

It was Star.

  1. Who was he feeding?

He was feeding his chickens, cows and goats every morning.

  1. How was Star?

Star was a very good horse to ride.

  1. What Star was doing for Dave?

Star was always bringing Dave everywhere he needed.

  1. Was Dave an agriculturist?

Yes, he was.

  1. What was he planting?

He was planting different veggies and fruits.

  1. Who were his companions?

His companions were a dog and a cat.


Practicing verb “to be”

Good morning, I am Mary Smith; I am a student at the UBC in Canada.  I was awarded as the best Student in in my University and now, I am in a trip in Mexico City. I am in a beautiful museum, Museo de Antropología; I am learning many things about Mexican culture. The culture of their ancestors was very interesting. I am very happy to be here.


Q1 -Questions about Mary Smith

Answer the questions:

1.Is Mary a student of the UBC in Canada?


2.   Was Mary awarded as best Student?


3.Is she in Mexico City?


4.Is she in a Museum?


5. Is she learning Mexican Culture?


6. Is she happy?


7. Is she Mexican or Canadian?


8.Is the culture of the Mexican ancestors very interesting? ______________________________

9. In what Museum is she?


10. Was she with another student?


Answers about Mary Smith


  1. Is Mary a student of the UBC in Canada?

Yes, she is.

  1. Was Mary awarded as best Student?

Yes, she was.

  1. Is she in Mexico City?

Yes, she is.

  1. Is she in a Museum?

Yes, she is.

  1. Is she learning Mexican Culture?

Yes, she is.

  1. Is she happy?

Yes, she is happy.

Día de Muertos     

El DÌa de Muertos es una fiesta mexicana que se celebra en México y en otros lugares asociada con las celebraciones católicas del Día de Todos los Santos y el Día de los Difuntos. El feriado de varios dÌas involucra a familiares y amigos que se re˙nen para orar y recordar a los amigos y familiares que han muerto. Com˙nmente se describe como un dÌa de celebraciÛn en lugar de duelo.

Las tradiciones relacionadas con la festividad incluyen la construcción de altares domÈsticos llamados ofrendas, honrar a los difuntos usando calaveras, caléndulas aztecas y las comidas y bebidas favoritas de los difuntos, y visitar las tumbas con estos como regalos. Los visitantes tambiÈn dejan las pertenencias de los difuntos en las tumbas.

The Day of the Dead

The Day of the Dead is a Mexican holiday celebrated in Mexico and elsewhere associated with the Catholic celebrations of All Saints’ Day and All Souls’ Day. The multi-day holiday involves family and friends gathering to pray for and remember friends and family members who have died. It is commonly portrayed as a day of celebration rather than mourning.

Traditions connected with the holiday include building home altars called ofrendas, honoring the deceased using calaveras, aztec marigolds, and the favorite foods and beverages of the departed, and visiting graves with these as gifts. Visitors also leave possessions of the deceased at the graves.




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